The effect of abstraction – audience

Is a public space really a place for abstract clay work?  The charm and the challenge with clay is that it is ALL potential.  Nobody really knows how to react to it unless they have spent SERIOUS amounts of time with it.  So is it too gratuitous to place my own purely meditative responses (which are inevitably abstract) in a public place?

Abstract forms need a hook to make them work.  It could be texture, scale, colour; many things.  But they need a hook and it needs to be clear, at least at the beginning.

The public place is one that is to be shared by ALL who use it.

This is particularly the case with Waterlow Park.  The abstracted form is a distinct challenge to the comfort of a place, so possibly a questionable thing to do.  You can kind of get away with it if the abstraction is using materials that are obviously from the place, but to literally, insert clay into a spot?  That might seem to be provocative and is that what we want in a ‘Garden for the Gardenless’?  Really?

Where is the harmony?


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