Photography to earth and drawing

I saw this AMAZING photo in the Evening Standard.  I am not a follower of football, but I do appreciate a good photo and this spoke to me on a number of levels.  The shear energy in the player – full power!  And the position of the photographer:  on the ground.

This observation is key to the way I must take my photography forward to really make it work for me.  Clay is all about the material reality, substance.  For me, the work of being here at all can be explored and explained through clay.  This comes from the ground.


Why photography?  It is a very efficient method of flattening a subject.  I have always struggled with the flatness of things, especially the not-quite-flatness of paintings (but that’s another post!).  I also feel very integrated into the spaces I am in…it’s as if my skin is an acutely permeable membrane.  Photography helps me distance myself from it.  This is vital for effective development.

The same happens with observational drawing but a different set of information is revealed.  The making of a drawing allows me to leap further into the page with a drawing more readily than I can with a photograph.  Leaping is not always GOOD!

energy of movement


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