The garden metaphor – conducive to healing

The Victorian garden given to the people of Archway as a ‘garden for the gardenless’ sits within the context of Victorian philanthropy.

Importance given to all the elements in the garden, gates of entry, water, trees, hills, views, reveal the Victorian Frame of Mind (see also Walter E. Houghton’s book of the same name).

In my work as a complementary therapist, ‘elements’ are vital conditions for the facilitation of healing.  Earth, fire, water, air, light, inspiration are all depicted symbolically through the ceremonies in complementary therapies. There are rituals of entry that are observed in a healing space; these are normal things, like taking off our shoes, but they are given specific focus so they carry meaning.

The key here is facilitation; the natural propensity for the human body to heal itself is understood as a given.  The conditions must be made so that this can take place.

Etheric Body

The same is true of the healing garden, in this case, the garden for the gardenless.

Tile Kiln Lane

At the moment my research has been in consulting with GLIAS (Greater London Industrial Archeological Society).  They have been exceptionally helpful in pointing me to various research resources, where I might find more about the tiles that were produced on this site.

The advice I have is that because a name was given to the site, the chances of it being of significant size and duration are greater, and also that this potentially indicates a more ornamental or decorative tiles were being manufactured there.

We will have to wait and see what the research uncovers.

tile kiln lane