Partial flower mug


The question I have really is about the relative completeness of the flower, especially on the mug.  I am concerned that the flower looks too abstracted but also looks as if it is emerging from underneath the red.  The red is an inglaze and the flower is a transfer that sits on top of the glaze.  I also don’t know whether I like this in relation to the narrative of bringing the act of care to the surface.  What do you think?

The only problem with the mug is that the flower is far too big to use whole.  I could partially obscure the plate to make it similar to the mug and play with the bowl to find a similar effect.

The plate is also not conventional in that it’s centre is decorated but I don’t think I can loose the centre pattern and keep the feel of the pink strokes.

I am considering adding gold luster to this range as a simple band around the bowl and plate and down the handle of the mug.


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