Making storage pots – when is it made?

   skull2 British Museum crystal skull

So, when was it made?  This is a quartz crystal skull that sits in the British Museum (Room 24).  Apparently it is 19th century.  I am not sure that a piece of quartz can be dated to the 19th century, given that quartz takes a LONG time to form in the body of the planet, but it DOES provoke an interesting question for me.  The maker of the skull had an influence on the piece of quartz – they were ‘the maker’.  When is something made?  What is making?

Relating that to clay, of course, I know that the material I use in my practice is manufactured from natural minerals found in the earth.  It is prepared for me and I buy it from a supplier.  It’s a question of sustainability, for sure, but it is also a question of my influence over the ‘blob’ of clay that sits in front of me on a daily basis.  I am the maker.

This is very curious for me right now.  A question that I always seem to return to.  Perhaps that’s why I am ‘making storage pots’ ??


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