‘Clay bodies’; notional lubricant

“The others dealt with the subject, ’bodies’ of humans or other living beings in varied categorisations, mainly concentrating on those marginalised in our societies, which has become one of the widely held subjects of the representation in Postmodern art.”

The origin of my shape is an unguentarium: a vessel for ointment. For what purpose? The ritual object – a vessel for containing nourishing fluids and for preserving a lubricant. Wetness.

The notional lubricant – the substance that eases movement between. It is the original meaning of the unguentarium that presents me with questions. It’s function has moved from ritual utility to one of observance/contemplation; marginalised. What effect does this have on it’s ritual meaning? The lack of wetness somehow permits it to become an object of contemplation. Changed function/object again. This is not resolved and may only provoke more questions. Even more reason for it to be made. ‘culture and nature’ is next.



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