What’s in a range? plates, mugs and bowls


Decisions about which shapes to include in the three ranges.  The following thinking…

Red (support).  Plate, bowl and mug

Green (structure).  Teapot, cup and saucer, tea plate, bowl, dinner plate

Blue (flow).  Teapot, cup and saucer and tea plate

These are for reasons of convention as much as concept.  The red range is a foundation set that can be split or bought as one. Mugs are more likely to be bought separately as well as for reasons of function and cost so the fundamentals of living are a mug, a bowl and a plate.  A tea plate, for example, doesn’t really enter the consciousness here!

Green is all inclusive.  Something pastoral and not a primary colour so it enters the every day more easily in ceramics.

Blue (my voice).  It is the colour of banking ‘uniform’, if only in navy blue.  There is a coolness and elegance about the colour blue that means it would be more of a leisurely  usage;  a more established household and a likely afternoon (loose leaf) tea taker.

MARKET LOCATION:  these need to be aimed at the luxury designer-maker buyer.  The complexity of the development (workshops and distillation) necessitates a slightly higher price bracket but the design quality needs to be high so that the role of design to ‘make life better for people’ actually happens THROUGH the concept of celebrating the work of carers.


My layers

sun-green cup

This is an important cup.  In laying on the sun decal today I suddenly saw my own place in the process of this project; it made me smile to myself.

1. Foundation laid by me (green/white enamel on a manufactured body)

2. Event/relationship (sun transfers from the workshop consultation)

3. Tableau (this layer is not shown here but will be illustrations of my own making).

More echos but at the same time memory and celebration.  Private memory and subtle body.  Clarity in the surface, in the fixed image.  A vision that sets a scene to stand the test of time.

It also echos a strongly held facet of my personal philosophy; nobody can realise your vision for you but nothing worth doing is EVER done alone.  Curious.

Layers that echo

Collect 2013.  Laura Ellen Bacon was presenting in the Project Space this year and as soon as I saw her piece it revealed another echo in my project; layers.

The density of the layers that she shows with the the weave she uses has been internalised, ‘joggled about’ and cooked up to produce the notion of layers in my interpretation of surface.  It really struck me.  The impact of those two weeks was acutely felt in that simple revisiting.

It PROVES how very sensitive we are to our environments and the longevity and complexity involved in the process of embodiment that making reveals.

Laura Ellen Bacon COLLECT2013