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My layers

sun-green cup

This is an important cup.  In laying on the sun decal today I suddenly saw my own place in the process of this project; it made me smile to myself.

1. Foundation laid by me (green/white enamel on a manufactured body)

2. Event/relationship (sun transfers from the workshop consultation)

3. Tableau (this layer is not shown here but will be illustrations of my own making).

More echos but at the same time memory and celebration.  Private memory and subtle body.  Clarity in the surface, in the fixed image.  A vision that sets a scene to stand the test of time.

It also echos a strongly held facet of my personal philosophy; nobody can realise your vision for you but nothing worth doing is EVER done alone.  Curious.

Layers that echo

Collect 2013.  Laura Ellen Bacon was presenting in the Project Space this year and as soon as I saw her piece it revealed another echo in my project; layers.

The density of the layers that she shows with the the weave she uses has been internalised, ‘joggled about’ and cooked up to produce the notion of layers in my interpretation of surface.  It really struck me.  The impact of those two weeks was acutely felt in that simple revisiting.

It PROVES how very sensitive we are to our environments and the longevity and complexity involved in the process of embodiment that making reveals.

Laura Ellen Bacon COLLECT2013

Bone China

The choice of shape is practical.  As few complex curves as possible makes the application of transfers much less demanding.  The choice of bone china over porcelain is personal.  There could be some technical gloss put over it in terms of it’s advantages in taking on enamels and transfers, but honestly?  The answer is deeply personal.

red mug

It echoes me.  As close to taste as you can get in terms of sensation.  It is a healing echo because it makes sense to me in it’s innate materiality.  The English body, reinvented out of necessity to survive (porcelain competition from China), turns out a altogether stronger body.  Good old Wedgwood.  The drive forward cooked up in a recipe with intention and redefined.

This brings up all sorts of questions about being ‘made’, ‘man-made’ and to what extent we are all these things.  Mine is just a really extreme example but the same questions apply to all of us in our most anxious moments.  So,what you can’t answer or were never consulted about you just accept, but Wedgwood, he had a question to answer, just like I did.  We both answere(d) it in our own way.

Of course the projection and echo back to me is the healing element that I hold dear and that is there for every artist who uses clay, distasteful as it may be to some of them who hide it in technical jargon.  Whatever floats your boat; you can’t kid everybody all the time though.  Withhold if you like.  It’s a personal thing, as I said.