Layers that echo

Collect 2013.  Laura Ellen Bacon was presenting in the Project Space this year and as soon as I saw her piece it revealed another echo in my project; layers.

The density of the layers that she shows with the the weave she uses has been internalised, ‘joggled about’ and cooked up to produce the notion of layers in my interpretation of surface.  It really struck me.  The impact of those two weeks was acutely felt in that simple revisiting.

It PROVES how very sensitive we are to our environments and the longevity and complexity involved in the process of embodiment that making reveals.

Laura Ellen Bacon COLLECT2013


Place – the move inside

teapot and cups

The use of a manufactured mass produced body speaks to notions of place that have informed my site specific work to date.

The trajectory of travel is under review at this stage of any academic course and looking back on my first year began by externalizing domestic imagery (which I subsequently discovered has it’s own feminist discourse in modernism) by placing a scatter cushion in a public space.  Since then there has been a move towards the internal; making domestic homewares is a fact of life for ceramics but the movement of my sculptural work toward occupation of internal space is noteworthy.

Now the domestic sphere seems to become reconciled through this project.

Tile Kiln Lane

At the moment my research has been in consulting with GLIAS (Greater London Industrial Archeological Society).  They have been exceptionally helpful in pointing me to various research resources, where I might find more about the tiles that were produced on this site.

The advice I have is that because a name was given to the site, the chances of it being of significant size and duration are greater, and also that this potentially indicates a more ornamental or decorative tiles were being manufactured there.

We will have to wait and see what the research uncovers.

tile kiln lane