Being ‘alternative’

This sounds like a plug, but it’s timing is making me smile. For a few weeks I have been struggling with listing my courses on The Alternatives website. It has been a navigational misunderstanding on my part (not knowing where to list the courses!) and I have been having intermittent conversations with the lovely folks at Alternatives to try and get some advice. Well, we have all been exceptionally busy but today? well today, I was presented with all information I needed. The upshot is that the courses are now listed on Alternatives for all to see. There is a message about timing and contentment there I think.

So find my workshops in the classifieds,

Hush! I’m work(shopping)! MEDITATION Make!

This is the reason for my latest hush. Revamping the website, and I am not done yet (biography and media pages will receive more information). ! But roll up roll up…the dates for my new programme of one day courses for the summer 2014 are available to book. Visit my online shop for more details, or email me if you have any questions.

I will be adding some testimonials from participants of the summer 2013 programme soon!!