Relaxed efficiency and early nights

I have been focused lately on rebalancing the business end of my practice; working through a reflective time on my latest creative output and on the season of relaxation through clay workshops.

It has brought up some very good questions and answers, mostly relating to the teaching of workshops and how I might develop them. I have been in a test phase with the workshops that I ran on a small scale over the summer and now I know how they work (and they do work!), I have started to branch out to other venues and to sort out some funding to take these further forward.

This also coincides with a change in part time work opportunities, which will feed my practice. This has put timetabling firmly under the spotlight. I have been working on a number of solutions that nurture relaxed happiness for me and for those who take part in my workshops and found this fascinating article on relaxed efficiency, a few years old now but still relevant I think.



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