New Economics Foundation: nef

nef are a think tank that looks at economy, society and environment and looks to develop new ways of integrating economy, society and environment.  The new-old word, ‘wellbeing’, has been the subject of one of their reports.  The report has specifically looked at wellbeing in the workplace and is available at here but their focus is to make our working lives a fulfilling experience.  Since we spend so much of our lives at work this is more important than ever!  Their key points;

Improving well-being at work requires a more rounded approach that focusses on helping employees to:

  • Strengthen their personal resources
  • Flourish and take pride in their roles within the organisational system
  • Function to the best of their abilities, both as individuals and in collaboration with their colleagues
  • Have a positive overall experience of work

It’s and interesting study because attempts to measure wellbeing in a way that is relevant to us all.  To what extent do you feel your your workplace encourages your own wellbeing?  Let me know


“Beer made this beautiful body”

Well I have been away for a while – holidays in the sun are good for the soul! BUT not for the waistline!! Some observations of the human form at leisure demonstrate a reflection of the way they live their lives “beer made this beautiful body”. No right or wrong to it. That sort of thing fascinates me. They work hard (in sedentary jobs) so they play hard. In women it might be the pressure to manifest ‘thin’ perhaps. I am mostly seeing the male version, but it’s not a scientific study.


Women’s porcelain


How to begin?! Right in the middle of the new Tate Galleries chronological approach there is this small island of female pottery. The anthropological method perhaps?

Not actually! Margaret Harrison, Kay Hunt and Mary Kelly put along side Sylvia Pankhurst’s drawings of women working in the Potteries.

Not sure what to make of it’s proximity to the rest of the galleries, not yet anyway